Private Prescriptions

If you require an ongoing prescription, we require to have at least one consultation per year

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If you are issued with a prescription as part of a consultation, the charge for the prescription issue, but not the medication, is included in the consultation fee. A consultation at least once per year is needed if you require ongoing prescriptions.

If you are prescribed testosterone, you will need an initial blood test before a prescription can be issued, a follow up blood test within 3 months of starting this treatment, followed by a yearly review and blood test.

If you are between consultations and require a prescription, please contact the clinic at

Repeat prescription fee: £30

Please note that the cost of any medicines is not included in the prescription fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer some of the more commonly asked questions about our service. If you don’t see an answer to your query here, please check out our full FAQs section here

Do you prescribe bioidentical HRT?

“Body identical HRT” sometimes also called “regulated bioidentical HRT” is the safest form of HRT and is prescribed in this clinic.
This should be differentiated from “compounded bioidentical hormones” these are unregulated compounds of hormones not subject to the same safety checks and quality control. Compounded bioidentical HRT use is not supported by the British Menopause Society and is not prescribed in this clinic.


Do you prescribe testosterone?

Testosterone falls around the menopause and can lead to difficulties with libido and sexual function. It is especially important in women with early menopause or POI and surgical menopause. It is indicated for use in women already on oestrogen replacement with a distressingly low libido. There is currently no testosterone product available on the NHS licensed for female use.
Male products such as Testim, Tostan and Testogel can be used off licence alternatively we can prescribe Androfeme testosterone privately.


How much will the HRT medication cost?

Women who are prescribed HRT are usually given a private prescription for the first few months. The majority of women subsequently receive the HRT (other than the testosterone) from their GP on an NHS prescription. However, some women continue to have HRT as a private prescription from us.
The cost of a private prescription is included in both initial and follow-up consultations. However, outside of these a prescription charge of £30 is payable to cover administrative costs. The private prescription can either be taken to a pharmacy or we can submit it directly to an online pharmacy such as CloudRx. Pharmacies will charge you for the costs of the medication, dispensing fees and delivery costs if applicable. Costs of medications will vary depending on the type of medication prescribed, including the dose, quantity and duration.